Transcription and Translation of old German Script


If you have any documents in old German script, or have looked at any online, you know how daunting it can be to try to decipher and understand what is on the page. You need someone who can read the script, which varied greatly over the years, and who can then translate it. Old texts require a translator who is familiar with the language and style of ages past, and also with the different types of documents that existed back then.

Our transcribers are avid family historians themselves, and have ample experience with old German records. We also transcribe old German records for several online genealogical databases, including Transcribing old German documents means thinking like a detective, which is really exciting!

When you order a transcription from us, you will receive two documents: One with the original  old German script transcribed, word for word, and the other with the English translation.


Things to Consider:

  • please scan the entire document, even if you only need a certain part to be transcribed. The bigger the sample of the individual’s handwriting is, the better.
  • If you are able, please scan in color or grayscale. This is extremely helpful
  • If the handwriting is faded, please scan to a JPEG format with at least 200 dpi
  • please ensure that the entire document is scanned and that nothing is cut off in the margins
  • Any background you have about the family or area where they lived is very helpful. You can never have too much information!


Areas of Expertise:

  • Old handwritten church records and other official documents
  • Bible records
  • Family letters
  • High German
  • Austrian German
  • Other handwritten documents


Once we receive your request, we will respond with a quote for your translation and expected turnaround time.

If you have a very large file to share with us, or more than one document, feel free to email us at, and we will assist you!

Please visit the About Page for more information about us, our qualifications and to read what our customers have to say about our transcriptions.


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